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Ovviamente non crediamo ai miti pagani o di altra natura. Ma bisogna tenere in gran conto il significato profondo di alcuni miti. Okeanos è quanto mai significativo. I visitatori della Fontana di trevi a Roma conoscono il mito di Okeanos?

Antonio Pileggi
Presidente di Okeanos

mercoledì, febbraio 13, 2013


The media will flood us with news, comments and speculations about the Pope's resignation announced today 'urbi et orbi'. Gradually thereafter, the topic of the election of the new Pope will take over the news and the discorse on television. At first, it is difficult to describe the nature, the content and reach of the historical action taken by Benedict XVI. The sensation for those of us who have had the priviledge of withnessing the II Vatican Council is the importance of this epocal transition of the Catholic Church. Actually, it is really premature judging Benedict XVI's action. We are living an historical cojuncture when the power of the Pope, traditionally considered life-long power-privilege, is transformed into a time-limited (transient) power-service. This is worthwhile for more in depth considerations. We clearly recall on the day of his election, Pope Benedict XVI defined himself "a simple and humble labourer in the vineyard of the Lord". Yesterday, his Twitt told us something humane, more humane: "@Pontifex: We must trust in the mighty power of God’s mercy. We are all sinners, but His grace transforms us and makes us new." Those who have lived already for over half a Century may be experiencing feelings as after the great novelty of the II Vatican Council called by Pope John XXIII. In less than a Century, the Catholic Church has endured two choices that have changed its presence and role in the millenary history we have known and we are knowing. The time-limited (transient) 'power-service' replaces the 'power-priviledge' entrusted to a charismatic Leader and represents the real change demanded in all areas where power of a man over men is exercised. In politics, this need is emerging and expanding. What has recently happened in the Countries overlooking the Mediterranean Sea has been too the breaking of the immutable power of dictatorships, dynasties and nepotism of charismatic leaders. It is premature to expand the considerations, but is emerging strongly and clearly that whatever position of power is temporary. Feb, 11, 2013 Antonio Pileggi

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